Agape Love (Homeless Outreach)


Jeanine Williford Burnley

  Everyone needs God’s unconditional love. Agape Love ministry is all about extending that kind of love to people who are in our homeless community and who are in addiction. I am moved by the Holy Spirit and my vision is that one day, Agape Love will expand to every state in our country. I’ve been through some tough times in my life, so I understand need. I want to help people and show them God’s love. My desire is to lead with the heart of the Lord.

A little about me…

  I was raised by my grandmother, who lived and breathed Jesus, and walked with Him daily, giving me a firm foundation in my early years. I’m so thankful to know Jesus, I need Him every day.

  I love spending time with my family and also enjoy crafting and baking. I have multiple pets; dogs, cats, bearded dragon (lizard) and fish; I love them all.

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