Renton Community Supper (Salvation Army)


Tammy Dudek

 My vision for this team is that we bring hope to those who may be hopeless, reaching the lost and unfortunate with the love of Jesus. I want them to know how much they are loved, regardless of their circumstances.

A little about me...

  I am thankful to Jesus for salvation and bringing me to the place I am today. Looking back, I can see many times where Jesus protected me. I felt empty until I found the Lord after feeling compelled to come to church, where I experienced His love filling my life.  Now I do my best to lead by example, showing God’s truths and power to people I encounter daily.
  I enjoy football and I love to bake, cook and do various craft projects. It’s cool to see how my passion for food can be used to bless others. People who are less fortunate need to know they are loved and we have the opportunity to demonstrate love by our actions.

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