The Renton Community Supper is a co-operative ministry of many differing people, churches, and organizations from the greater Renton community, and hosted by the Renton Salvation Army. We are united around this single purpose: to assist the helpless, homeless and hungry who live among us. We provide a free meal, a warm and friendly place to enjoy it, and connections that offer hope for a better future – all at no charge, and with no strings attached. Serving Monday - Thursday nights, a free meal is offered in a dry/warm space from 5:30-6:30 PM.

CFC has a team of volunteers who go down to the Salvation Army church the 4th Tuesday of the month. CFC is one of the few churches to go down and cook the meal for the guests. Our cooks show up at 3:30 to prepare the meal. The rest of the volunteers arrive at 5:30pm set up, serve the meal, then clean up afterwards, and we leave by 7pm. 

For more information, contact our office.  


Tammy Dudek, Renton Community Supper Team Lead