At Celebration Foursquare Church we offer a variety of classes throughout the year. Some of the topics that are covered are: child training, marriage, leadership, finances, evangelism, prayer, faith, etc.

Also there are courses that are offered such as:

Search For Significance” which has helped readers to learn how to be free to enjoy Christ's love while no longer basing their self-worth on their accomplishments or the opinions of others. You will:

"Cleansing Stream” helps the individual receive healing from past, deep hurts and give training on how to walk daily in freedom and victory. Click on the link for a short video about the class. Current PDF Flyer

"Complete Life Class" will enlighten and challenge you to God's plan for your life as an individual and as a part of the church. It will challenge you to shoulder your responsibilities as a part of God's family. It will also help you find the fulfillment of close friendships and meaningful participation with other church members.

We encourage everyone to enroll in classes as they come available throughout the year. This gives an opportunity for developing relationships with others as well as learning skills and information that will be helpful in our daily lives.