Jordan and Aly Flores, Young Adults Ministry

Jordan: I was a child, age six, in the kitchen with my mom, when I met Jesus as my Savior. He is the Son of God, Christ the Savior. His death and resurrection made it possible to have a relationship with God. Because of Jesus, I no longer have to be a slave to sin.

I enjoy sports, playing with my kids and video games.

While in college, I was blessed to help with the “Campus Crusade” ministry. This resulted in lasting friendships and helped me grow personally. I desire to be a godly influence to young adults.

Aly: I became a Christian in college at the age of 22. After graduation, I moved to Kent, WA and found Celebration Church. I have been challenged in my spiritual growth and encouraged to follow Christ daily and hold fast to His love.

I love being a mom, like to read and enjoy movies and being outside.

Our vision for this ministry is to give young adults opportunity to create friendships with like-minded believers, help them to focus on God in their daily lives and have fun together. We are privileged to be able to pass along anything we’ve gained from our life experiences that will be helpful to them.