Greg & Darlene Larsen, SOC Love In Action

Greg: Jesus is who He says He is in the Scriptures, He is God. He came down and died for me to take my reward for sin, death. He rose from the dead and is in Heaven preparing a place for me. He is the Truth and has changed me. He saved me from a destructive path and gave my life purpose, direction and peace.

I enjoy going to the gym, camping, hunting and fishing. I also enjoy ministry and missions.

God has given me gifts and talents that best serve in this area of ministry. He has made it clear to me that we need to be an influence for Him in the world. I want to testify and be a witness for Jesus Christ.

Darlene: Jesus Christ is my All in All! My life has changed since I met Him and received Him as my Savior. My heart has changed with a desire to serve Him in any way I can.

I love family time, especially our road trips and vacations! I also enjoy having friends and family over for BBQs and just to hang out!

As my relationship with Jesus grew, so did my heart to serve others. It brings me joy to know that God trusts me to help take care of the ones He loves.

Our vision for this ministry is to train and equip all who step up and say ‘Here am I Lord!’ with the tools, support and encouragement to serve in our community. We desire to help believers grow, exercising their gifts, learning leadership and loving people. We want to be a positive, godly presence and influence in our community that affects people for Christ.