Bridget Summers, Sign Language Team Leader

I was six years old when I accepted Jesus into my life. He has been my strength and peace through my college years and the One who listens to me and knows me without judgment.  He gives me a joy and passion for life, and to serve others. He makes me….”me”. I would be totally different without him.

I love boating and spending nice afternoons on the water….  playing softball, beachcombing and being outdoors. Reading is one of my favorite pass times, as well as movie nights with my friends.

My love for sign language started when I was 15. I took American Sign Language Classes my freshman and sophomore years of college and I have been leading this team for 3 years.

My vision for the Sign Language Team is that the Lord will minister to others through us. This group is like a family, very loving and supportive of each other. We want to use the gifts and talents that God has given us to minister to other people.